Calling Fresh Graduates, BCAs, MCAs for a 2 year Earn while you Learn Scholarship based Digital Brand Manager Job.

Earn Rs. 10,000+

Learn Marketing, Communications, Creativity and Digital Marketing on a Scholarship.

Did you know that MBAs pay anywhere between Rs. 5 to 20 lakhs for a 2 year program. Religiate offers a 2 year Brand Management Internship for Free. That's right. Absolutely free.

What's more from the 4th month onwards you start earning too. Thus if you are a fresh graduate and awaiting results you can join us too...immediately.

Did you know that Marketing professionals without a thorough understanding of Digital Marketing will be unemployable in 2 years? You will work hands-on with some of the finest minds in Digital Marketing and Branding and learn skills that will help you win.

Selected candidates will need to pay a fully refundable caution money of Rs. 60,000. You can pay these in 4 installments too. Or a single payment of Rs. 50,000. This will be refunded when you complete 2 years with us. In case you leave before completion, this caution money will be adjusted as your learning fees and forfeited.

Fully Refundable
Caution Money

Why do we charge this deposit?
We give you lakhs of Rupees worth of Free training. This deposit ensures you are serious about a career
in Digital Branding.

Why do we have this program?
We have realized that even MBAs who join us have a lot of Knowledge Gaps. The Earn while you Learn
Program enables you to learn it right and earn a great salary.

Digital Marketing cannot be learnt in a classroom. You need to practice it in real time environment,
spend lakhs of Rupees in Media. Understand Real Time Analytics. Work on Paid Softwares and upgrade

This is the reason 8 out of 10 Digital Marketing Professionals are unemployable. They have pure
theoretical knowledge.

How does the Earn While you Learn work:
You will study every day from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM and work full time from Monday to Saturday 10:30 AM
to 7:00 PM. .

From the IV month onwards you will start earning a monthly retainer of Rs. 10,000/- which may go up to Rs. 50000/- per month after finish your 24 months. There will be monthly and quarterly appraisals which will set milestones for you to get stipend upgrades.

From the 13th month, you will be eligible for Perks: Including PF, Medical Benefits.

What do we teach:
  • Fundamentals of Marketing.
  • Advanced Digital Marketing.
  • Creative Brainstorming.
  • Inbound Marketing.
  • CRM and Customer Analytics.
  • Referral Marketing.
  • Business Development.

Get Inbound Marketing and Google Analytics Certified.

How can you apply?
The Interview is a 4 Step Process?

1) A Skype / Telephonic Interview.
2) A written Examination at our office or online.
3) A face to face Interview.
4) Final Interview and Assessment by our HR Team.
If you qualify in all the 4 rounds, you will be given an invitation to join.

What if you wish to quit?
If you quit in the I 4 months a part of your caution money will be refunded as per our Rules. . After the 4th
month, if you quit, the caution money will be adjusted against the training imparted.

What happens if we terminate you?
We have the option of removing you anytime as a disciplinary action. If we terminate you, we will refund
your caution money as per the rules.

Any Graduate
Those Awaiting Results can also apply
BCA, MCAs can also apply

Freshers can apply.
Preference will be given to those with 1-2 years of work experience.

How to apply:
Send your resume / Bio Data to Please mention your LinkedIn ID
In the Subject Column Mention: Trainee - Branding / Advertising / Digital - 029

Perk: Inbound Marketing Training and Certification.

We are partnering with Hubspot - the World Leader in Inbound Marketing. As a team member, you can get
Hubspot Certified.

Additional Perks upon confirmation:
Provident Fund on successful completion of Probation.

Medical / ESI facilities.

Work at Hyderabad-India
You can work full time from our Headquarters at Hyderabad Kondapur.

Yes ! I want to Apply

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